Saturday, November 04, 2006

In which our heroine is worried

The checkbook clock is ticking. I have not heard from the sperm bank. Yes, yes I know it's only been a day but so what? Don't they know, instinctlivey that I'm right for the job. Of course I don't really know what's entailed to do the job or if I want it, but really I should be at least called for an interview.

In other news. Well I realized on Wednesday while in the height of my cold that I have a paper due Sunday. Can you hear the maniacal laughter yet? On a positive note, I responded to two threads in my ethics course. I am only required to write one but I was inspired by the reading. I am two chapters and writings behind in practicum. Oh well but I am working on everything. At least in my head.

I actually finished the first ball of yarn for the mystery project, now I need to sew the ends of the yarn together in order to join the next ball. T'Mane's sweater is coming along - I have begun the last piece of the jacket (left front). Hopefully that will be done over the weekend and I can block the pieces, begin seaming and then adding the border. I get to learn all about picking up an outrageous number of stitches to add the contrasting colour. Then I need to start the matching pants.

The other night Jennie came by with my share of a joint order we placed. I am very excited. I got three skeins of Regia, Surf Colour 5410 which should be enough to make a pair of socks and maybe a little matching something or other. Very exciting, no? The other item - OMG - is so beautiful. I chose the colour for TGF without knowing what I will make with it but I have 5 skeins of about 240 yds each so I figure a cute top. Araucania Nature Wool in this subtly variegated dark orange/cinnamon towards burnt orange (its colour #33 on Fall 2005 card 3). It is luscious looking!

I need to find a top that isn't too femmy, though it can be distinctly a woman's top. For example Blaze could work for her. However they label it "piquant" which might make it beyond my current skill level. I could easily see her in Leo, but again piquant and might require more yarn than I have. The problem with Tubey is I want to make that for me, though in a solid colour. Also I love that photo for Tubey because that was my home subway station on and off for years! In fact during our trip in September we drove right by there. Ah memories. Vivieka is definitely her, except for the extra length in the sleeves - easy to fix luckily. More searching is definitely in order and many more projects to finish, start & finish before I get to this one I suspect.

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wen said...

oh i like the leo (it's something i would totally wear as a boyish grrl)! and the one you want to make for yourself is super cute!