Friday, November 17, 2006

In which our Heroine is staggering toward the finish line

I am still working on that damned family therapy paper. It just drags on and on. Although I am pretty happy with the draft so far it is very unclear what the professor will think of the attempt.

When I read the guidelines for the assignment it said no more than 12 pages not including references. I thought, yeah right like I have anything close to 12 pages in me. Well much like this blog I have discovered, damn but I’m mouthy! I have not even gotten to the “applications of theory to practice” and conclusion sections, but there are NINE pages so far. N-I-N-E. When I get frustrated about my inability to just finish this thing, I force myself to remember that in all times (we will not mention just how many) I have tried to finish the course, I had never, never, even written ONE frigging word before. This is the positive spin I keep repeating to myself, that as behind as I am in work this semester (like I had expected to have finished at least 3 old courses by this point) that I am the most on target I have been in any semester. I have already finished one course; I have completed 2 out of 3 papers towards finishing another.

The other sort of finish line is that I have a client and a big meeting set up for Monday so I can gather up information to write a treatment plan. Not surprisingly there seems to be some, ah, shall we say, boundary oddness with social workers and who actually the case manager is for this client. However the other social worker (don’t ask!) seems great and really enthusiastic. While I am excited, I am also a tad concerned about the time having a case is going to take in terms of my school work deadlines.

(Greg, you can stop reading for a minute.)

I have actually worked at least a bit on all three of my WIPs (works in progress). After much hemming and hawing, I sewed the ends of that ladder yarn in order to join the two balls to continue knitting, so I was able to actually do a little knitting on this mystery project. With a great flourish and fanfare I finished the all the pieces for T’Mane’s sweater and it’s being blocked so I can begin to seam and add the border. I even casted on for the matching pants! On Friday night (Yes last week. Shut up as Rabbitch would say) TGF and I watched The Wizard of Oz on television and actually completed three pattern repeats for Liesel. I had not watched this movie in forever an was sad at how short it seems now that I am a grown up, and that was with commercials. But then I didn’t touch it for days and days. So movement forward but not a ton, but movement nonetheless.

When my order came in from Yarnware I was disappointed in the colour I chose of Plymouth Encore. The green (almost like the #17 here) has just too much gray in it to flatter meJ. I really need to return it and exchange it for a totally different colour (burnt sienna).

(Greg, you can start reading again)

TGF and I have not decided what we are doing yet for Thanksgiving day. Friday Greg and Janet are due to come, the earlier the better in my book! Saturday they will be gallivanting in Napa with more of Janet’s relatives. Sunday, we are thinking of a big meet up at a dim sum restaurant with them and some other friends. Back in April we went to this place, suggested by Jennie, when Ari Lev and family were in town. TGF and our beloved Sue have shall we say pedestrian tastes and were worried about finding enough things to eat, threatening a visit to MacD*nald’s afterward however they were both happy to find number of things to make their taste buds happy. Yes I realize the day is less than a week away, hence another finish line approaching and decisions need to be made.

Okay, back to the damn paper.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the paper status! the blank page can be intimidating. that's why i'll never work (solely) as a writer again. some writing, yay. all writing, nay. too stressful.

dunno what i'm doing for tday yet either. think it's the first time i'll be one my own for it. kinda weird.

Supee said...

need i beg??

Jennie said...

You *go* on that paper, gal!