Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lacevember Group Activity

So over at Lacevember they have one of those "if you could be a yarn what kind of yarn would you be" list of questions. Truth be told if it were just for the sake of answering, I'm not sure I would because that would make me even more of a joiner-inner which I am not, despite current appearances. However there is a prize attached of yarn I crave - a skein of Schaefer Anne from Simply Socks Yarn Company who I believe is who sells another yarn I am eying for another surprise project I have in the works. Luscious looking yarn and well, wouldn't it be cool if I won?

So without further ado, my submission to the pressures of the group.

The Knitting Questions, or The Usual SuspectsHow long have you been knitting? In total maybe 3 years, for real, just over a year. The total includes a episode of craftiness from decades ago and that number is too horrifying to put down.

How did you Learn? I taught myself, both times. Mostly from books, a little online. I still suspect I really am doing twisted knits and purls rather than the “real” thing.

Favorite thing about knitting? One thing? Surely you jest. Making gifts for no reason. It is soothing, mostly. Makes my fidgeting look productive and less like I have ADD. It's magical to take this stringy stuff and produce wearable objects.

Knitting lace for how long? Not sure I really have started yet ;-)

Favorite thing about knitting lace? It looks pretty when other people do it.

The Yarn Questions, or Flash Your Stash

Favorite lace yarn? Too new to say. I learn toward subtly variegated or solids.

Favorite lace colour?

You ask that like I have a favorite colour for anything.

Technique or Show Us Your Skillz

Straights or Circulars? Hm, hard one but I given that I don’t ID as straight it would odd to pick straight needles, though some of my best needles are straight.

Lace knitting trick? Tell me yours so I can steal, ahem, I mean, learn some.

Lifelines? Haven’t used any yet but I’m thinking I really need to start after the other night. I’ve heard great things about dental floss. Or was that for cutting cakes. So many uses for that dang stuff. Wires or pins? Wires would required a purchase with non-existent funds, so the answer is pins, on my area rug or twin bed.

Lace knitting track? Tell me yours so I can steal, ahem, I mean, learn some.

Wires or pins? Wires would required a purchase with non-existent funds, so the answer is pins, on my area rug or twin bed.

Pattern, or Can You Follow Directions

Shawls or lacey items? The difference would be……

Triangle, rectangle, or circular shawls? When I’ve made some of each, I let you know.

Charts or printed directions? I am trying to learn charts but dang!

Favorite lace I’ve knit? Rabbit Tracks because it’s done.

Favorite lace I want to knit? Oh dear, once again you think I can narrow things to one. Birch, Kiri, Ribbed Leaves, Branching Out, and lots and lots I’ve seen places.

Just Fun, Yup That’s Right, Just For Fun

Favorite jelly bean flavor? I’m not much for the jellied bean, but I would have to say “buttered popcorn”.

What do I know about Eric the Red? When he used to come over he drank those HUGE cans of Fosters Beer.

Coke, classic or with lime? Did you learn nothing from your other “favorite” questions? Depends on my mood and perhaps what I am eating.

Holiday Carols? Banned from public airwaves, particularly when bastardized for commercials!

Definition of irony? Oh, don’t make me answer this! My mother is an ex-English professor and I hate to make her cringe.

# of Licks to the Center for a Tootsie Roll Pop? At least 30 more than TGF can manage before biting down.

Why is your cat always puking in front of your son’s bedroom door? I don’t know, when was the last time made them play together.

My Superhero Power is? I can fly.

Luxury Laundry Room tile colour? Oh that’s hard. Only one colour, have you learned NOTHING from my previous answers.

For Dinner Tonight? Since you’re coming over, I thought you were bringing the grub.

What is clogging your children’s bathtub drain? Clearly it’s toilet paper. Next time use a fine mesh strainer.


Whimsical Knitting said...

Popcorn is my fave jelly belly, too!!!! We must be amazing!
Girl, that's some nice sock yarn up for grabs .... the exact reason I filled out the questionairre, too :wink:

Sam said...

You popcorn jellybean eaters must be stopped! Everyone knows peach is the superior jellybean flavor.
I totally should learn how to knit.