Monday, November 06, 2006

I love when the day starts like this

Yesterday, nervously and with great trepidation I wrote my Research course professor since I had not heard hide nor hair of him since he said he received my last draft of the final paper - two maybe three? weeks ago. I really needed to know if it needed more work because, well you should see the stack of reading and writing I still have yet to tackle and I wanted to know if I needed to add to the stack a revision - if the answer was yes, this house of cards, I assure you, would tumble to the ground in a heap. With me next to it, similarly heaped.

After a delightful but as usual never long enough shower (what is about hot showers?), I gathered my coffee with it's usual additions and plunked myself on the couch and opened my laptop and let it do it's thing to collect mail. My heart stopped beating when I saw the Saybrook folder light up (it doesn't actually light up people! It just bolds the folder name when new mail appears). Holding my breath I click to see that it is indeed a post from that professor but then when I go to open it everything goes ca-blooey. Like 3 times! Finally, just as I'm the verge of turning blue I can open it and see that I am done. Done. DONE. DONE!! I can hardly stand it.

It is true that I cannot bring myself to read my course evaluation yet but I'm done people! Only had to do two rewrites of my original submission. Yes, I say only two, a colleague of mine did three.

But then, as I was in the midst of writing this post, I look over at my mail box (obsessed? I have no idea what you are talking about - just because I have my email program set to check for new mail every 7 minutes) because my little envelope icon popped on the bottom right. It's an email from the House o' Sperm! Before proceeding they wanted to make sure that as a student I could work three full days a week, and also they ask for a two year commitment. Of course TGF says, "They can't ask that! That's not legal!". I reply that they can request it, they can want it with all the desire in the universe but they cannot make anyone sign such a commitment. I write back that there is no fear of my student status as it is a distance-based program so I do not have classes as such. I made no reference to the two year thing because for a part-time position (24 hours a week), well let's just not go there, you know? Apparently "
there is a long learning curve for the position". Who would have thunk it? It is true this schedule could make my other job for which I have no client very hard, and finding another practicum placement tricky but I will cross that bridge when I come it. The reality is baby needs a new pair of shoes. Okay, maybe not literally shoes, though I would be loathe to turn down the opportunity for new shoes but baby does needs her some groceries and to pay the utilities sometime soon.

Not bad for a Monday morning.


Wyatt's Mom said...

kabukki dancing at our house tonight!

Happy feet

heather said...

that 2yr thing is crazy, but still - congrats!

Anonymous said...

Wow, "done" and "employed" all on the same day????

Very impressive...good for you!

Jennie said...

That is terrific! I think I know which House O' Sperm and they ROCK! YEAH!

Ancrene Wiseass said...

Nicely done on the paper!

And, uh, a two-year commitment for a part time job when you're a student? Yeah, that's really asking for a lot.

wen said...

woo hoooooooo!

Brown Pants said...

Yay for you! That's fantastic. (And I think you should buy shoes...bills and groceries = phooey!)

goblinbox said...

Mmm. Coffee. Haven't had any in days. I'm gonna go make me some right now. Mmm. Coffee.