Saturday, November 18, 2006

Further Incentive

Another potential prize from Lacevember has compelled me, spurred me onward, to knit more Liesel. This Friday the movie was Elf, which let me just say is no Wizard! Okay so it wasn't bad as I feared, even had a few truly cute or sweet touches, though the plot is as predictable as they come.

To the best of my knowledge I have never seen Zooey Deschanel in anything before this movie, where she plays the love interest. Given that I have seen very few recent movies it was pretty easy to assume I am unfamiliar with her work, or a lot of folks for that matter. After looking at her "resume" at IMDB the only thing I might have readily caught her in Veronica's Closet (excellent in it's first season but slumped midway through the second season). Apparently Zooey actually does her own singing in Elf and dang but I was impressed!

Anyway. I completed another four pattern repeats, finishing the first hank of Softwist, in Viridian - a very dark green. I happened to bring the project to Jennie's the other night to show it off a little, so I got to use her ball winder. Andrea was terribly enthralled with this "toy" and helped wind this lovely center pull ball. Sarah (blogless!) also helped, but almost made off with the yarn because she loved the feel of it. While I have not memorized the pattern, and nor do I expect to, I am finding it easier to hold the next few stitches in my head, keep track of my place on the chart, all things which definitely help it move a little faster. Initially one repeat would tire me out!

It is not just for whatever the prize is that I am inspired, because I honestly do not even remember if they listed it. I want that blue star next to my name. I want to be a finisher. I want to finish this scarf in November. I want to have a post everyday for NaBloPoMo (more than half way there!) I want to catch up on my three current courses. I want to finish at least two more outstanding courses. I am less confident that I will finish the outfit for T'Mane by next Thursday, but I am sure it will be done soon. I want to be less ruled by procrastination, which I see as an addiction - topic for another post, another day. I want to always strive to be a better me.


sweetisu said...

I have been feeling some of that "I need to get on with things and leave procrastination behind" lately. For example, our basement is in the process of being clutter-free. Hooray for finishers! I hope you get a blue star too.

Jennie said...

OK, but remember to breathe!

I actually felt guilty last night, winding the leftover childHood yarn into small balls. Don't tell Andrea!