Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In which our heroine is delayed

It couldn't last, I knew that, but I ask you would it have been so terrible for it to last a whole day? Or at least a full eight hours, like work day worth of joy?

It is true, I was giddy, positively giddy I tell you with the events of the morning. Research course - over and done. House o' Sperm definitely interested. With great restraint I waited a whole 3 and a half minutes before showering my news to Ruth while our dogs romped. My voice was at least 10 decibels louder than normal so thrilled was I. We talked, walked, petted dogs, ours and others in a particularly spectacular day at Point Isabel. The temperatures were in the high 60's, it was sunny, a slight breeze - short sleeve and sandal weather which is why I was wearing exactly those items.

Upon arriving home, settling the dog - he was a bit energized by the walk today despite romping with Piccolo, his new pal CeCe, a pair of stunning Great Danes and some others, I sat down to check my email and almost jumped out of my seat when I saw a new email from House o' Sperm. So exciting. Until I actually read the damn thing. It appears that while they certainly are interested this will be a longer process than I or my checkbook anticipated. Apparently the head of hiring (and possibly other things) would like to do a phone interview this week but than she is going on vacation. For TWO weeks. The email goes on to say, "
In person interviews will take place after I return in late November or early December and we're hoping to start the new person ASAP." Obviously we have very different opinions of the meaning of ASAP. After a few emails back and forth I do have a telephone interview at 3pm on Thursday. It does seems like an odd process, I mean why not just do in person interviews right off the bat. As in this week!

I am wondering if there is some logarithmic calculation that explains the length of the interviewing process and the commitment they expect (2 years for a part time job, in case your forgot) from their employees.

So far we have:
- submit a resume
- they review
- they email with clarifying questions about time commitment
- they schedule a phone interview
- we have a phone interview
- (assuming all goes well) "real" interview
- we have face to face interview
- decision making occurs
- an offer is made

For a part-frigging-time job! That only asks for a college degree or proven background in health eduction. Not both. No graduate work. Not even a specific area of undergrad work - just that you completed it somewhere, in something.

Needless to say, our heroine is looking into other options.

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goblinbox said...

I gotta say I'm totally feeling you. I had a company tell me to come in so they could hire me, then they couldn't hire me but didn't say that they'd FOR SURE hire me the next week. WTF? Just because they're all employed they can't remember being broke? Hah.