Tuesday, November 07, 2006

For Readers in the NYC Area

My amazing friend Janet Morgan is participating in an art show. She is one my favorite people ever!

Artist’s Illustrated Talk

Janet Morgan talks about her exuberant artwork, and the influence of Middle Eastern Belly Dance,

the dance which "makes the music visible."

At the Tabla Rasa Gallery - Saturday November 11th at 2pm

TABLA RASA GALLERY http://tablarasagallery.com/ 224 48 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220
Sunset Park Section of Brooklyn. North end of "R" train to 45th Street exit.

If you didn’t make it to Janet’s recent show Goddesses at Microcosm Gallery at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

you can see it at http://janetmorgan.net/microcosm.html

and check out the newly updated Morgan’s Supreme Beings: The God and Goddess Project

Now with 65 deities!

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