Monday, November 27, 2006

Dogs in the Rain*

Today had silence, rowdy, rainy, mellow, and silly. This morning was quiet as we readied for our dim sum meet up. Ruth came by to leave Piccolo to keep Wyatt company while we went down to Oakland's China Town. At the last minute we heard that Sarah would be coming with Isaiah. As we found before the food at Legendary Palace is great and was surprisingly reasonable. The conversation was varied and lively which meant we were one of the last table in the section which they were breaking down for an event later in the day.

From there Greg, Janet, Ruth, TGF and I stopped by the house to pick up dogs and suit up with rain gear. I had hoped the weather would have been nicer to take them to Albany Bulb (these are older photos of art there, a lot has changed as is the wonderful nature of this place) but the reality is the spot has a distinct quiet charm in the rain. I had been waiting to take them there since we first began exploring this place some months ago. As expected they were alternatively amused and awed by the works displayed.

All of us were absolutely soaked when we returned home. No seriously! My pants were at least 3 inches longer because they were so sodden. This definitely called for another pot of coffee and that call was answered, thank you very much. A lot of laziness ensued. Dinner was breakfast: omelets and home fries. Pretty tasty if I do say so myself, though I wouldn't really because it might look like I am bragging, which I'm not. However, if I were prone to such vagaries I would tell you all that I am a damned fine cook and it has been really nice to remember that about myself this weekend.

Given that we watched Dogma last night, we decided to stick to that theme and watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It is an amazingly stupid movie which some fantastic jabs are made at the industry, it is completely transgressive, and takes great pleasure in making fun of itself. I wish I could be more articulate but I'm tired, and I wish I could recommend the film to my dear readers, but I fear you might blame me for cursing you with images that will be burned forever onto your eyelids. This is not to say that many of you would not enjoy it, but I want to take no responsibility for leading you astray though some of you are already there (Rabbitch, JBeeky, among others).

* If you love the title, I'm wise for taking Greg's suggestion. If, on the other hand, you think the title sucks, blame Greg. Send him an email about it.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a good day, even with the rain.