Saturday, December 02, 2006

In which our heroine rests on her laurels

I survived NaBloPomo without missing one day. Not. One. Day. In addition to not missing a day I only had one day that I really bagged out and posted a quiz, I am too lazy to check my archives, just like my dear friend Rabbitch, but I would hazard a guess that I have never gone that many posts without a quiz before. Unlike some of my horde, I never wrote a post that whined about how I had nothing to write about, nor did I keep track in titles how many days I had done or had left. I am proud of this, perhaps a bit inordinately so but so what.

In addition I finished Lacevember which was the other November event and got my blue star despite still not posting a photography of said project. Really it looks good! Still pinned to the towel so I holding my breath a bit about how well it blocked.

Also this month I finished a paper, started and finished another paper for school. Am behind but less so than ever in a semester. Cooked my ass off, saw friends, had out of town guests, voted, reached out to school colleagues who graduated. Wrote a treatment plan for my hellish client. Applied for a job and got an interview for said job. Made progress on the mystery knitting project, and significant progress on T'Mane's knitted outfit. Made some headway on the BirthWays newsletter.

It goes without saying that there was much animal loving, most days included walks with Wyatt at our two park spots, at least one cup of coffee a day, and of course endless hours per day blog-spotting thanks to the Randomizer. I have found a few new really good blogs that have been added to my favorite blogs folder (which is separate from my favorite knitting blogs folder). My sidebar would run forever if I listed all the blogs I check in with every day to every few days. And damn it if there aren't more of them thanks to this NaBloPoMo thing.

Tonight while TGF and I were eating out, a rare treat just the two us like a real date or something, I had a moment of semi-panic thinking, "I have to remember to blog when I get home" followed by an immediate relief of "I don't have to!" Last night I wrote my entry and shortly after I was inspired to write some more - it's a piece in progress. I am beginning to suspect that I may have developed a writing habit which on some level was the goal of this blog when I started it 13 months ago. The habit was in it's early stages and November may have cemented it. Now do not, dear readers, take this as any sort of promise that I will continue to write every frigging day. Let's not get crazy here.

I am starting December with some really good motivation based on previous success which was the theory I had constructed and wrote about earlier this month.

For any new readers that may have come by via the Randomizer, I hope you stick around and also feel free leave comments which Heather and I say are like crack, in a good way.

Onward and upwards.

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Anonymous said...

i also have been noticing your writing showing more depth and color. nice work. and congrats on all your other accomplishments, fellow crack whore!

wait. that doesn't sound right.