Thursday, December 14, 2006

In which our heroine perseveres

It seems that I have not updated on Miss SoS lately. When first introduced her appearance was less than, dare we say, pleasant? The next time she was mentioned it was more for plot device. (I cannot believe I reference my own entries so much. There was a time when I thought that was, well, let's just say I judged it harshly. Damn I've become the mocked!)

Where was I? Oh yes. The next session was at the house and went fairly well. Miss SoS even showed me old photos, which seemed like a good step in terms of letting me in a bit. Last Thursday I picked her at school and drove her home. Yes that was our entire session but it was the first time alone with her. As she got ready to leave the vehicle she actually reached over to give me a little half hug. Yes, the same child that cursed at me for over two hours the week before. Yes, if I was into deluding myself I would suggest that I was the next miracle worker but I am more humble and far far less sure of myself so I won't be saying that except in jest.

As they say, that was then. Yesterday she cast the evil eye in my direction sporadically for two hours and barely spoke to me. Today, she skipped out on the session which on the positive side gave me lots of time to chat her grandmother. Tomorrow should be a blast. {sigh}

In the last six weeks she has had a CASA (an organization I considered volunteering with a few years ago- ironic) worker assigned to her, started with a new therapist and had me assigned to her. It could be that there are too many new adults in her world so it is still a wait and see deal as far as I'm concerned. Of course my final treatment plan is due tomorrow. So tomorrow morning I will finish yesterday notes, edit the treatment plan and write up today's session then see the little beast again.

A major agenda item for the weekend is to do my weekly sheets for the BBS and school dating back from February. (Shut up. I say right there on my description that I am working on becoming less of a procrastinator which implies that I am a big time put-ter off-er type person.) If I have enough, it gives me an additional out in terms of graduation requirements. Somehow I live in the sate with some of the most ridiculous number of hours needed for licensing - 3000 hours before I can sit for the exams. Perseverance, my life is all about that right now.

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