Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Clarification to yesterday's rant

I have not yet switched my blog to the beta version, it's that the blogs I read have and thus the problem ensues. I have "opened" a gmail account. As has been made painfully clear after reading scads of blogger info, I will be required to switch to the beta version eventually. I suppose I will give in sooner rather than later, but I am wondering if those who are on beta now have problems commenting on those folks, like me, who have not switched.

Back to your regularly scheduled blathering of Dharma.


Anonymous said...

I often have problems commenting and it seems to happen when I access a non-beta blog by typing in the blog address directly rather than by going to it from a link on my blog.

Going directly to it doesn't seem to recognize that I'm logged in to blogger whereas going via a link from my own blog knows tht I'm logged in. Hmm...I just realized this fact as I was typing it. It's a pain especially if I don't realize I'm not logged in after crafting an oh-so-erudite comment. ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your kind words on my blog. I am trying to hold on to the idea that he has his own path to walk and I have to let it happen.

As for commenting - I am on beta blogger and don's have any issues commenting anywhere I want to.

I occasionally will write a comment before logging in and as soon as I recognise that, I copy my comment so that I can paste it back in as soon as I have logged in.