Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Really touched

Yesterday as we were loading ourselves into the car after a romp at Albany Bulb with the ever lively Wyatt a really sweet thing happened.

(Yes all of his paws are off the ground in this photos. Lucky shot.)

TGF realized that she was missing her head band thingy that I made for her. She left us to go look for it. I had thought, oh well I need to make her a better one. No biggie. She returned rather quickly with a smile on her face. It seems someone had already found it and had placed on the gate. It turns out that TGF is sentimental! She really was concerned that she had lost the head band because "it was the first thing you made for me". Awww. How sweet is that? I mean I really never took her as sentimental. TGF said, Of course I am, I'm southern! You go to cotillion and get your sentimental badge." Me, I was thinking good motivation to get started on some new ones that fit better and really do the job of keeping her ears warm.

In the future I plan to make her this one from Garn Studio, which is a great site for pattern hunting.

This one below is from t
he new knitty that I spoke of the other
day and looks really cute.

This other design would look cute in the Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool, in colour #31 I have in my stash. I bought two hanks of this stuff during the closing sale at Skein Lane. The colour is SO her I had to buy the measly two hanks left because I figured there would be something I could do with it.

The reality is she will soon (okay, defining soon is tricky) have three more of these beasties and yet it seems she will cling to the measly early knitting of her partner.


Anonymous said...

Very cool, what kind of breed is the dog? Looks kind of like a Belgian Tevuran (or however it's spelled)

Dharma said...

Ha, you are the second person to suggest that Wyatt might be part Tevuran. As best as we can determine he is part Australian Shepherd and Border Collie. He is definitely a herding dog, no doubt whatsoever! Click on the flicker box for my photos of our annoying but really cute and scary smart dog!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, cool. I had to come back and see if you responded... his coloring and his tail really make me think he's a terv... but that mix would account for those features :)