Friday, December 22, 2006

In which our heroine demonstrates her adaptibility

Today (well technically yesterday as it's now after midnight -how did that happen!?!?) was to be our lighting party but due to two families needing to cancel, and as it turned out the third would have never pulled it off, and one of the gracious hostesses being sick yesterday, the gathering was canceled although dates are being bandied about for next year. Nothing like a little advanced planning.

While still a bit less than what I like to call well, I was feeling better today but rather grateful that I did not have a party to prep for as the day crept on. Rainy and a bit gloomy TGF and I nonetheless bravely walked about a block to this great paper discount place to do some holiday shopping. This place has been a lifesaver for many events at Casa de Cedar. Finally we have wrapping paper which is handy as TGF's gift are piling up and I cannot wait to make them pretty and pile them under the tree. I still have a bit more shopping to do and am awaiting another delivery.

We finally bought holiday cards which will go out after "the holiday" but are perfect for the new year so that satisfies the requirement of not specifying "christmas", nor having santa or other clear symbols of that holiday but also does not sport a menorah, and makes seem like we intended all along to send a "new years" card (which is really my preference given the wide variety of friend's affiliations). Whew.

In a slight twist on jewish customs I reconstituted Chinese food leftovers with a few additions into a yummy single dish. While watching Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (hey, I never said I was totally consistent on this stuff. I have a serious soft spot for the holiday specials of my childhood) TGF and I decorated our tree compliments of Ruthie's beautiful ornament cast-offs. Each of us had been concerned that there would be enough baubles and TGF moaned that we had forgotten to get candy canes while out grocery shopping earlier, but in reality our tree looks positively festive! The bottom few inches do not have anything but the pre-strung lights because there are six cats and a dog living here and one needs to be practical. Hopefully by late afternoon Friday there will be some gifts under there and I am going to pray that none of the animal crush the packages.

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