Friday, December 15, 2006

In which our heroine plays doctor

Now get your heads out of the gutter!

For my loyal 12 readers, I realize I should update you on the state of lumpiness that freaked me back on about November 26th. Sure enough I was mere days away from the start of a new cycle. The tenderness diminished as P-day crept closer. The lump got less intense in it's prominence but was still seeming a bit large. It is close to two weeks since P-day and the occasional dull ache has disappeared as has a great degree of the tenderness but there is still a lump. The good news, as I the self appointed doctor sees it, is that the lump seems diffuse rather than like a distinct marble which encourages my thinking of a cyst rather than something more dire. My research indicates that since I am a woman of a "certain age" cysts are common.

I do realize that given that I am a woman of a "certain age" that mammograms are something I should be seeking out and I will. I will. I just make no promises as to when but again, I will.

Okay, now to the gutter thoughts, a good friend, opined that after putting up the pre-lit artificial christmas tree (kinda like this one) that I scored from Freecycle, one should decorate and have sex under the lights and pretty shiny things. Sounds like a good idea to me. Damn, a tree skirt would help matters but we don't have one. Blankets to the rescue.


Wyatt's Mom said...

Um, honey,you told me it was gone. I think we need to talk more, I keep learning all these things via your blog, not your mouth.

So...when are we gonna put up that tree? leering

Anonymous said...

btw i hear there's a free clinic for the mammograms. i'm just saying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay, how did "that certain woman" get a picture of my billowy stomach?? Hope you enjoy the lights (good idea to use blankets, hardwood floors can leave nasty friction burns - or so I've heard).

And you need to keep an eye on that "cyst" if that's what it is - remember my scare a few years ago? It wasn't a cyst, but thankfully, not anything to worry about either. And I do believe you led the pack in making me go and check it out.

So get thee to a mammogram machine soon!

Anonymous said...

Some great links there! I checked out that freecycle thing. That's a great idea! I've bookmarked it so I can come back to it and investigate it in a little more detail!

Dharma said...

Wyatt's mom (aka TGF) - I don't think I said it was gone. But it typical Dharma fashion since I wrote it was still around it has now all but disappeared.

Heather - yes I know

LSR - I thought the same thing about that belly!

Rashenbo - I live to serve. Actually I really enjoy finding interesting and/or informative links. Freecycle totally rocks

goblinbox said...

I don't want to have a mammogram. I want to HAVE HAD one, you see, but I really don't want them to smash my tit in a vise.

Under-tree sex! GOOD IDEA!