Saturday, December 30, 2006

In which our heroine went to the bar

Finally, after being asked almost every Thursday after group supervision at The Agency if I would accompany the rest of them to the Mallard, I accepted this week. It helped that there is a new employee that I instantly took a liking to who was going. I have known about this place since I moved to the Bay Area over 5 years ago. As in I have been driving by the entire time on jaunt up or down San Pablo. But generally speaking I do not "do" bars.

Though it is December we sat outside so The Caz (my coordinator) could smoke but the weather wasn't too bad and they have these great heaters thingys, which I wisely sat close to as I hadn't a jacket. I had a decent, not great but huge and cheap ($4.00) gin & tonic. It truly was a great way to learn more about the place I work, partake good gossip, and have intriguing conversations about time/space continuums, along with learning more about coworkers.

After avoiding invitations for a good six months, I do believe that I will go more often.
1 - the drinks are cheap and I only need one, so it's an affordable event
2 - socializing with coworkers not a terrible thing, and with only one drink in me I can certainly keep my boundaries
3- very good way to learn more about the inner workings of The Agency because not everyone is so careful about their alcohol intake!
4 - I actually like some of these people


Anonymous said...

congrats! i wish i could say the same about my team. god some of them are boring (and yes i've had plenty of social activities to gauge this).

glad you had a good time. =)

Dharma said...

Oh, please don't get me wrong, there are folks who I have nothing to talk about with that are there. Luckily there a few who I really enjoy. It's been a good decade since I truly had a work crew of any sort so I feel good that there's anyone I like at all!

Jennie said...

That sounds like a good thing.