Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The last walk of the year

A few weeks ago, because of a timing snafu that involved some ridiculous errand or something, we met Ruth very late for our almost daily dog walking date. As a result we discovered that walking by the bay near dusk is incredibly beautiful - sometimes soft like an impressionist painting, sometimes almost haunting with gray tones draping over San Francisco's skyline.

The other day I received an invite to join some friends for a matinée kung fu movie on Sunday, the offer suggesting that things would end early enough so people could still do their New Year's Eve partying. As if, we had no plans at all for the evening. I responded that we would be taking our last sunset dog walk of the year, implying that this plan could be seen as a bit sad. Sad as in we are such boring folks we would be walking with our dog rather than a spur of the moment movie. My friend replied that is wasn't sad at all, and she was right. It is a lovely thing these late afternoon walks.

Yesterday was rather gray all day while Saturday had been beautiful and I was feeling that perhaps we chose the wrong day to do our sunset walk. By the time 4:00 p.m. rolled around, the sky had brightened just before calling it a day. The colours were muted with the last shafts of mid-winter light slicing through and hitting buildings, random locations on the water creating jewel-like sparkles. We strolled, talking about random topics when Ruth said she wasn't going to be sorry to see 2006 end. I am not good at summing up the calendar year but there were things to be happy about, beginnings, endings, and cycles of the year that are comfortable in their consistency, seasons shift, holidays and birthdays appear. Softly but with strength TGF stated that 2006 was first full year {as in calendar} we had been together, just us, as a couple. A very brief pause settled over us, I could find no words to express the love I felt in that sentence. Ruth quietly said that that certainly marked 2006 very differently and was a good thing about the year.

I have to agree.


Anonymous said...

I miss walking by the bay in the evenings - what a great way to close out one year and begin another.


Anonymous said...

aww, how sweet.

well, i am not sad to see 2006 go because for me, there was a lot i'd rather not repeat. otoh, there's been a lot of growth, so in the end, i'm still glad for most of it since it led me to here.

ah the joys of being a serendipitist!

Bitter Betty said...

Simply lovely, darlin'. It was the first full year whitey and I spent living together too, although we never had nice sunset walks but we did watch a lot of good TV!