Thursday, January 25, 2007

In which our heroine returns

Last night I arrived home from an exciting and exhausting time at my residential conference for school. Most of the nights I stayed up far later than is reasonable, made some nice connections with colleagues, caught up with friends.

There were various times when something was said or a thought flitted through my head and I was sure it would be turned into a blog entry. Of course the reality is by the time I got to my room I was way past spent and about half the days I did not even pay for internet access because it would have been a waste of money. Did I jot a note about those wondrous and potentially profound threads that wove their way around my gray cells for to turn into a tantalizing post for you to ponder, to be amused by, or fodder for your dinner conversation? Absolutely not. Not one word was written and now it is gone, gone I tell you. Any insight that passed my veil of thought has moved onto the next open soul. I hope you never find their blog.

Random Tidbits (that which I can actually recall)

- Listening to the vaguely Jimmy Durante-style voice of Albert Ellis talking about Rational Emotive Therapy coaching a woman away from feeling like a "worm" and dispersing her sense of guilt. The voice is annoying and compelling, really.

- Watching a new student so drunk the first night that he bounced off some walls, literally and then disappeared down the rabbit hole. I mean we had no idea where he went to, he was there and then gone. He will forever be Harvey Wallbanger to me. Yes, I did learn his real name two nights later when he was not quite as drunk as the first night.

- Watching my buddy Steve dance with "Freak out Girl". She got that name via a friend of mine who stayed out way too late with her during the last conference, talking her down from too much alcohol and grief. It fits, trust me.

- Hearing another drunken colleague (only in the sense that we both go to the same school) refer to Transpersonal Psychology, as "Transportational". My naming friend dubbed her "Cuckoo" or more commonly "Kook". Again, it works. Really.

- Pondering a Mormon enrolling in this school. Talk about challenging yourself. Dang.

- The folly of bringing way more knitting than I could realistically expect to ever need in five days of academics and partying.

- Subtly telling Theopia that I want her to be my reader for my masters project.

- The best roommate on the planet, my friend Jennifer!

- A short but wonderful visit from TGF

- Finally convincing Debbie and Tracey to join the lobby party

- Scott's glow after going to his yoga dance rave thing

- Discovering that Haley's Structural Family work is probably not going to be a favorite modality of mine.

- Seeing Jheri after a really long absence. She has one of the most open and positive hearts of anyone I have ever met. We shared some of the best hugs ever.

There's more, somewhere in my brain, but I am still a bit fried. It's been really nice to have the last 24 hours at home, hanging with my girl, seeing my animals, sleeping in, taking a real nap. Somewhere in there I actually even wrote a couple of sentences on my paper. Tomorrow it's back to serious work on papers. And of course more regular blogging should follow as well, I will try make them more amusing or interesting than this one.


Anonymous said...

i don't know, the harvey wallbanger bit was good.

the random note jotting does take practice. i'm getting much better, but still don't listen as well as i could to the Write This Down Now Voice. hard when you're busy! or driving as is often the case with me.

Wyatt's Mom said...

Nice to have you home. And aren't you proud that I didn't rag on you to post to your blog ::grin::

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad your home - sounds like fun, though - aren't conferences with colleagues always interesting, you learn so much about quirks you were never aware of before.

and by the way, come by and check out my blog, because I have officially "tagged" you.