Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The boy and I are getting excited

Okay maybe not the Boy, aka Wyatt, aka Puppyman because I just told him mommy, aka TGF was coming home and he just looked at me with this blase look in his eye. Sure this time he doesn't understand English! Probably better for me because if he did, he would surely be pacing and whining until he saw her.

I just checked the flight status and looks like she should be getting on time, in fact a few minutes earlier than scheduled. Really I'm pretty good being here alone, but now that it is mere hours until her arrival home I am getting all jittery - in a good way. It will be so nice to cuddle next to someone other than the dog and cats at night though I hope it warms up soon. Of course the downside to this is I leave to Millbrae for my school conference tomorrow night until Wednesday. I will bat my eyes from afar to try to convince her to visit at least once. Don't laugh! It works. She always visits me. Okay partially it's because there is often a crew of my colleagues that hound me asking when she will visit so she is appeasing me as well as the hordes of admirers.

True to my pattern I have not completed all the work I had hoped to this semester however I keep telling myself I have done more this semester than probably all the other semesters combined which is a huge improvement. I mean, sheesh, I actually wrote papers this semester. I completed missing work for two old classes, am only two papers behind for live classes of this semester versus my usual four or more.

As I ready to head to my conference I am planning knitting to take with me but right now I only have the next mystery project on the needles and just barely at that! I have casted on twice now, and last night I ripped back to the cast on. However I got through 8 rows before my eyeballs completely fell out. I caught a glimpse of Jennie's Cozy project and am tempted but I don't have the yarn for that project. I may bring the requirements for another pair of Fetchings, maybe for me (!) if the hotel is chilly. Or bring the wool-ease I have for a largish scarf, so simple pattern, or the yarn to make Le Slouch which appeals to me. If can ever decide what pattern to do I may also bring the yarn I have (Regia Surf in Purple) to start for someone who also can't be named. So much to do before I leave, including a "trio" appointment at Benefits in 30 minutes, picking up TGF at about 12:30, 2:00 dog park meet up, a haircut at 3:30, a board meeting at 6:00pm. Again, I ask you how and when did my days get so packed?


Anonymous said...

Happy Reunion time! Welcome back, Karen!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a wonderful reunion - glad TGF is back and I hope she had a grand time at home. When are you two heading south for a visit? It's warmer down here than on the West Coast these days, ya know.

Gandksmom said...

Hey! Do you ever make mittens? Cause it's cold up here and my poor hands are freezing! LOL! You make such pretty things and I just wanted to acknowledge that!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad you got TGF back.