Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The last few days

Have been very busy somehow. Usually when left to my own devices I tend to stay home a lot and play up my hermit tendencies but somehow that hasn't happened during TGF's absence. TGF left very early Wednesday morning, after which I spent way too many hours untangling yarn until Friday night as recounted in the last entry. But aside from that what I have been doing? Darn good question. At this point I cannot remember much about Wednesday other than fighting with fiber, staying up way too late, and taking Wyatt to the dog park. Oh, yes at the dog park we met up with another pal of Wyatt's, Rue - a perfectly adorable vizsla and had a great chat with her owner, Kurt. In fact Wyatt met up with a number of his favorite females - Cece, Remy (I think that's her name), and Cassie as well.

Thursday I once again had to get up at an ungodly hour, well for me anyway, since I had to be in 45 miles east of home at 8:30 a.m. for a meeting involving my client. Of course there was a trip to the dog park. Later, group supervision up in Richmond. Needless to say I was a bit done in by that point so no hopping over to the bar.

In a quest to stop using vaguely illicit means to garner asthma meds, and to put Sunny's mind at ease (you try having a mother who is a bit of a hypochondriac and see how well she handles the information that you have no provider, haven't had a physical in a couple of years, and using less than legal practices to get medications) I had an appointment to do an intake for sliding scale medical care. From there I had to pick up my laptop baby, Lotus. I'm sure there was more, oh yes, the dog park (see a theme here?). Followed by more meditations with yarn.

Saturday I had an unexpected visit with someone from my GLBT knit list. For some reason I thought Sally's visit was next month but lo and behold it was this past weekend. She was visiting from Virginia with her good friend and housemate Amanda. We met up at Lacis which is an incredible place. I went there once soon after moving here and was overwhelmed with the books, needles, buttons, beads, displays, just everything. Unfortunately their website conveys NOTHING of the magic of this place. If you have have the vaguest interest in after fiber crafts (especially tatting), costume design, or a million other things visit this place. Really. Of course I wandered off to the knitting books and there were an armful of books I could have walked off had I the cash and bookshelf space. Of course I had to purchase something. Right? It is the cutest book, Monkeysuits: Sweaters & More to Knit for Kids. Really cute, clever patterns with great names like "Shrinking Violet", "Stripe it Rich", and "Tweedy Pie". A number of these are likely to find there way to T'Mane's closet.

From there we caught a bit to eat and had the most wonderful chat over yummy food. Sally was lovely and gracious, Amanda just so sweet! In addition to wonderful company Sally gifted me with some yarn - so unexpected. Almost right after I got home, or so it seemed, it was time to meet Ruth at the dog park where we had a lovely sunset walk. Nestled back at home I thought I had a quiet, silent night at home when there was a knock at the door and surprise it was Jennie with Graham on their way to Target. So I had a chance to offer her one of the hanks of yarn I received from Sally and a lovely spontaneous visit and shopping trip.

Sunday was a big day for Jennie's family as it was Graham's baptism day. So off to Alameda I cruised for the church service and then a number of us went out to eat some brunch. The baptism service was really lovely though I found the sermon itself a little off, somehow missing the peaks that could have been there. Lunch was great fun as I spent a lot of time chatting with new acquaintances Susan and Linda. However the high point may have been watching Kyle (Jennie's sweetie) teach Katie, who is 7 years old, and the rest of us the finer points of blowing the paper off of straws. Can you guess what I did next? Oh come on, of course you can! Yes, I went to the dog park with Ruth and Piccolo.

Monday morning I had a prenatal visit (no, not for me!) with my clients over in Montclair Village, in which resides a yarn shop (isn't the lamest website, I really don't see the point) so yes a visit ensued. Somehow three small balls of wool found their way into my arms - two in a deep purple and one in an off white, perhaps to be used together. They were, of course, on sale. Since all I had consumed up to this point was some coffee and it was now 1pm, needless to say some sustenance had to be put into this body immediately if not sooner. After which, yes, another trip to the dog park but today, just to break things up we went to Albany even though usually we reserve that place the weekend but the reality is I was cranky, tired and in no mood to go any further than absolutely necessary. Wyatt had a good romp, especially early on but found no one to play with despite various attempts on his part or other dogs approaching him. Nothing clicked for him, poor baby.

I thought I might nap but instead headed to the laptop to surf and write. The phone rang a little later with a call from a friend from out of town asking to get together. Sure I had intended to finish my paper but it is rare that I get to see her as she lives on the other coast. What a treat! Actually when I said to here that it was a treat to see her, she informed that me that I was quite gracious since she invited herself over up through spending the night. We stayed up quite late talking and she slipped out terribly early this morning without waking me at all.

So if you've been wondering where I've been and why there have been almost no posts here's part of the answer. I hope to do better but I cannot make any promises since TGF gets home tomorrow (YEAH!) but Thursday I go to my residential conference for school for several days. See y'all later.

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sounds like you've had a good couple of days. =) very nice!