Thursday, November 06, 2008

This little kitty went shopping

Thanks to the gods that be, money appeared in our account so TGF was able to buy cat food and other necessities. We also decided to go clothes shopping just a bit for me as my wardrobe is a bit, um, shall we say, sparse for the new job.

Mostly I went looking for pants as I really could use a pair or three more. Normally I have found K*hls has awesome deals but last night, not so much. Once again I was bewildered and felt a bit like Goldilocks while in the dressing room. Dockers, size 12 - I was swimming in them. Seriously! A pair of Briggs petite size 12, not bad but very eh. Daisy Fuentes petite size 12 just a bit too tight and a damn shame because I was really digging that dark wash jean that was dressy enough for a normal work day. They looked so good with the dark purple top I was wearing and the green jacket I found at the store.

In the end I bought some new underwear because I really need it, 3 pairs of trouser socks (50% off) - really need these as I have washed out the single pair I have at night because I wore them Monday - Wednesday, a pair of really cushioned slippers for TGF's sore feet, the aforementioned lime green jacket that's really cool ($14.40 - on sale), and a Simple Vera Vera dress for some imagined fancy event in the future,possibly a work thing (on SUPER sale, 90% off costing me $8.80).

I think the thrift shop is calling my name this weekend because today? I wore clothes for TGF's closet. It's only day four people!


Lisa said...

I hate shopping when I am on a mission like you were....I find the best deals when I just wander in to see what is on the racks...I can't wait to hear what else you add as the search continues!

LittleWit said...

Sounds like you made a pretty good haul. :) My wardrobe has been depleted rather quickly since I started making t-shirt quilts. The plan is to re-fill it with good looking items that should last.