Friday, November 14, 2008

Sometime I will write about deep thoughts

This job thing is kicking my butt and I have big ideas when my mind drifts (which it really shouldn't while at work but does), only to get home way too tired to write anything coherent. My bookmark folder, writing ideas, is bursting with links stored for anywhere from a day all the way to over a year ago I'm sure.

Some subjects/link titles that are rummaging around in my brain:
  • Prop 8 and the racism overtones
  • "Girl crush"
  • Nebraska Safe Haven Act
  • My Dog, My Daily Zen Lesson
  • Push Presents
  • Living in A Porn Driven, 'Look at me' Culture
  • Purity Promise
  • Age and my life choice
  • Pregnant Men
  • Knitting projects

Tonight I went to the South Park Tavern for the first time since early September. Isn't that sad? It was nice to see some friends, the jukebox was often too loud, some good local political/social debates, silly talk, and getting to newer to the neighborhood folks.

I hope this weekend to sleep in, get a lot of knitting done, cuddling with Her Geekyness, and some quiet brain time. Big goals here people.

See you tomorrow!

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