Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday


  • To learn that my friend Miche does not carry the gene for breast cancer which means her two sisters and two daughters can breathe a little easier
  • And amazed that the last two days at work have been something resembling reasonable
  • For catching a moment of the short fluffy snowfall that made the world outside of my office look like a life-sized snow globe.
  • To come home to a tidied habitat thanks to Her Geekyness.
  • That after my thrift shop excursion it's felt like I have a whole new wardrobe this week.
You know doing this TT thing, it is a good thing. Really. Gives one the opportunity to hone in on the positive even when life is challenging.

1 comment:

LittleWit said...

Glad work is approaching reasonable. Surely that's a good sign? The snow yesterday really did look like a snow globe. :)