Friday, February 29, 2008

3 Steps Forward, 4 Steps Back

That's how it feels this morning. Seriously I have been meaning to post about knitting (with photos!), cooking successes (which means like Mikey, she liked them), and who knows what else but instead y'all get this. Oh, I know photos of "the wallpaper expedition in the kitchen".

The good news is that TGF is getting the job title and more salary starting March 8th! This is the position we moved her for and expected her to start October 1st. Of course she didn't even start training for her job until about 3 weeks after that date and has been working less than full time ever since. With this piece of information we were feeling a piece better (that news came through last Friday - I never said I was capable of breaking news postings!).

As I indicated in another post "American Video" did not hire me, which is probably just as well as I would be bored out of my mind but on the other hand there would be some moola coming in which is very much needed. Monday I had an interview at (using the real name here for a change) Jenny Cr*aig. Yeah, yeah I know. Many people scoffed and laughed at the notion. Y'all can get a bigger laugh by knowing I came home from the interview to sit down on my couch with a half gallon carton of ice cream. Yes I did, you can bet the ranch on that. By Tuesday I figured I didn't get it. Today I got an email confirming that. Maybe I should have taken out my nose ring for the interview.

Next month I have an interview for a call center job that wouldn't begin training me until April 22nd. Lovely. I hear it's a great place to work but I need cash now, not in two months from now, maybe, if they hire me.

This week I have probably spent 20 hours online looking for jobs and applying to as many as possible. Yesterday I registered with a temp agency and applied for two jobs through them.

In the meantime the bills are stacking up. Then more steps backwards. Wednesday night when leaving work a mishap caused TGF to lose a contact lens. Now granted these lenses were barely working for her as her script has majorly changed in the last few years but it's costing a whole lot of money from thin air to replace them. And they won't be here for 7-10 days! She is pretty blind right now using really old glasses to see with, poor thing.

Then, this morning I saunter downstairs to find a grumpy looking sweetheart. Now for those who know her it could just be that she has only had one cup of java as she is so NOT a morning person. But no, someone hit her car. It appears that they hit it and dragged it a few feet based on where she parked when she came home. No note, nada. The blinker is gone on the front driver's side and she is worried about driving it. Great, you know?

Okay my coffee is almost gone, time to job hunt. See y'all around the proverbial water cooler.


heather said...

bleh. bad carma for me, now for you. and the glasses are also killing me because min is also working off an old set because her newer ones broke. can probably afford new ones for two months. it sucks. but am sending lots of good vibage for both of you, and good job hitting the temp agencies! those can (can) really help tide things over.

Jbeeky said...

Oh dharma. The contact I can deal with. The car? That is horrific. I am so sorry and am hoping the perfect job comes your way pronto.

LittleWit said...

Hugs Dharma. :) Things will look up soon I am sure of it.

Breena Ronan said...

That sucks. :( Could you look at a local university for a staff-type job? What kind of job do you want? I mean, ideally. I understand the need to just get some money in, but sometimes desperation doesn't draw the right kind of energy. I have felt that way a lot in the last few years, so I know.

Chris said...

Oh crap! why does all the bad stuff have to snowball all together at one time?! Karen's car got hit in front of your house, I take it? man that sucks!