Monday, February 11, 2008

It's been a whirl!

So last week I was feeling sorry for myself, and in many ways not much has changed with people in my other home lands, having no schedule, no scrilla, suffering with the greatly reduced sunlight of Ohio. However. In other ways, wow.

Emily decided that she needed to pick up the Amish Friendship batter sooner rather than later so she came by on Thursday after work. She is really fun to hang with and I swear there is a part of me that watches us and feels like our banter (because it really is banter that we do) is reminiscent of Lorelei and Sookie of the Gilmore Girls. How cool is that? Okay it's also probably terribly wrong and represents an inflated sense of our (particularly my) cleverness but it's fun nonetheless. I'm not saying who is who because it's not entirely clear and doesn't really matter because we have fun.

Friday plans held up and after filling out an application at "American Video*" for a clerking job (don't ask!) I headed to Yellow Springs. Dru ran late but I had fun rambling around looking at stores and chatting up one of the owners of Living Green, she was SO friendly. Dru and I chatted for a long time after our meal was done, it was nice catching up.

My dear sweet Jeriann called and we talked until my battery died on Saturday. It was a very wide ranging conversation and really nice to reconnect. In addition that day I scheduled an interview at "American Video", again, don't ask.

On Sunday I confirm that TGF is cool with me disappearing Sunday night to go down to the Insomniac Knitting Group that starts at 8-ish. At 5pm I leave for the interview and by the time I get home TGF has gone to the 'rents. After the lovely {ahem} time at American Video, I am SO grateful that Andi is coming by to whisk me off in her unheated chariot to some knitting.

The interview went great, really had fun chatting with Dan* and was told there are three steps to getting hired. I passed the first round because Dan really likes me. Next on Monday I take a two hour standardized test. Then if I pass I meet with the regional guy. For a frigging clerk job at a video store! Oh and get this, I will need to remove my nose ring when at work. ARHGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!
I mean I worked at Smith College School of Social work and didn't need to remove it. I left the interview furious, feeling like crying, thinking of my cousin saying to me many, many years ago "How the mighty have fallen". I couldn't think of anyone to call to bitch about this with and instead sat on the couch, watching bad television, eating potato chips and playing Zuma (so addictive!) on my computer.

As I said, thank, as Glamour Gal would say, The Goddesses without Husbands for Andi inviting me to join her last night. She got the full vent about the interview, patient woman. It was way too much fun. Aleza has apparently been reading my blog (hi honey!) and was just thinking about writing to invite me to join them. Michelle was just too much fun, it was great to see Anna again. Danielle was a blast! It was after midnight by the time Andi and I were back in the car.

Tonight after my North Dayton Knit Night I am driving down to Jer's place to help out with The Most Awesome Nephew Ever since she has to go out of town for work. So the next two mornings I will be making sure he gets on the bus for school. How cute is that?

*Neither store name or store employees are real to protect, um, me


heather said...

that's nuts about the video job. makes me think they have trouble with people quitting. having worked in a video store, i can attest to how boring that can truly be. i hope you get something else. :-p

Mysterium said...

Hi right there back at you :)
Hope we will see you Sunday
I feel so famous being mentioned in your still my beating heart

motleycruiser said...

unfortunately that is ohio for you. The boi is over qualified for everything, has a good degree & has to do call center work because the unemployment rate here has made the available people for any job crazy high. I hear "jesus, even Chicago wasn't this bad" many many times.

Jbeeky said...

It is official. We are the same person living in parellel universes. Gilmore girls reference? I am so in love with you right now.