Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In which our herione finds redemption in whining the other day

So a few hours after posting my blog post, my friend Jeriann sends me an ecard. I write her demanding that she fess up to reading my blog. She says, Of course, how else do I know what's happening. BUT I was going to write you anyway, so there. Cool beans.

An acquaintance from California reads my post and emails me - how lovely!

Also get an email from my pal Dru who we finally visited up in Columbus (great visit) asking if I'm free for coffee on Friday. Hey I have no life, of course I could do this, just need to put gas in the car.

A neighbor writes me asking for my blog addy. I give it to her but tell her not to judge me by "today's post" (my lonely whine from the other day). She writes back later to say, "I am very glad you and TGF are here and making this your home". Man I love that woman. She welcomed us with open arms from day one.

Today I find out that I have won two more blog contests. I told TGF about it saying, If only I could turn this ability into cash!". So a shout out to Keanalee over at Meowfish Pie Knits and Melissa over at Misfit Knit (don't you love that name?).

Tonight my buddy Emily (from Dainty Kitty) emails that she is free to cook, knit, and generally pal about next Friday.

Earlier today I finally made the sweet bread from the funky batter called Amish Friendship Bread that Dru so kindly gift me with. This stuff is like a chain letter, you get the stuff, feed it, divide it, use some to bake with and the rest you give away or keep. But you are warned that if you give it all away you will never know when you might get it again (as if this is a bad thing - I read someone gained 5 pounds because of this stuff in 6 weeks!). On a list I'm on I threatened to send it my friend Supee because she thinks she lives too far away being in California and all. Another lister is begging me to send to her in Oregon - will do!

So while a lot of things are the same my mood is much improved.


motleycruiser said...

There is a pretty decent group of dykes meeting up for my b-day on March 15-16. We are going to Ikea (Yeah I'm one of those Ikea freaks)and dinner at Carrabbas & probably to Aquarius(maybe). It will be a pretty diverse group from 18-45yr olds, couples mostly. My boi is inviting some other newbies we haven't met yet so you wouldn't be alone. You are welcome to come socialize we are a pretty friendly group. Drop me a line if you are interested.

Elizabeth said...

PUT DOWN THE AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD AND BACK SLOWLY AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN COUNTER!!!!! This stuff is addicting!! A woman whom I work with got me started on father loves it...he will practically eat the whole loaf!! Being my anal-retentive self, after a few weeks of making the bread and giving the starter to friends (actually, if you keep up with it, you will end up standing outside of Kroger handing the starter to complete strangers as your friends will start avoiding you), I figured out on the day that I was baking my bread, if everyone else I had originally given the starter to was baking their loaves, there would be over 2,000 loaves of Amish Friendship bread made that day. I live for these type of facts. Have fun, and if you end up begging people to take a starter, I wouldn't turn it down!

Maia said...

Now I feel like a heel for not commenting on your last post! It is good that the whining paid off.

Hugs from California.

Jbeeky said...

I am so glad. I knew it was only a matter of time before you lifted up and out to the many people who care about you, me included!