Saturday, February 23, 2008

Make it stop!

Someone come over and turn off the damn tv or at least keep it on Spike! For some damn reason I have stopped on a marathon of Girlfriends where I caught the cycle of the break of two best friends (which of course being television gets resolved in church on this one).

I have watched this show on and off since it first aired though as an over 30 year old white lesbian, I am hardly the target audience. But they are women I have known and sometimes the writing is really good. Besides since Living Single went off the air where else can one see a show about black women.

The issue of friends and the relationships keep coming up, mostly in hard, hard ways. I am definitely looking at what I do that is good, bad, supportive, and where I lack. It's always easier to want others to do x, but the great challenge is to apply those ideals to yourself at least every time you want them done by someone else. I don't think of myself as terrible friend, not at all, but I know I could be better and I know I have messed up recently with one relationship very badly. Rather than beat myself up endlessly (which is my tendency) I am owned up to the mistakes with the person, not that it repairs anything but still it was the right thing to do. In addition I am trying to take all this in and use the experience in the most positive way.

If only I could get away from the Universe's messages for a short spell.


heather said...

i hear comas are good for that.

just kidding! i am an expert at navel berating, too. the only thing i know that's really good for that is keeping busy doing something positive. whether that's working, exercising, volunteering or having a blast with the people who do love me, one of those will get me out of The Funk. i hope you can get out and have a good time soon.

Emily said...

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone but I watch Girlfriends, too!

And I think taking this break positively is wonderful. I've always taken friendship break ups as, "What's wrong with me?" and I feel like eating worms - so much healthier to examine and learn from it.