Monday, February 04, 2008

More Ravelry Love

I think about writing various tidbits every day, I really do. It's not that my life is so exciting that this happens, but somehow I seem to always have things to say but no motivation to write. Or do a lot of things actually. But that's another post ;-)

So I was working furiously away the Fans of Family scarf for my California friend's mother-in-law. It was becoming apparent that I would not have enough yarn but yet I kept deluding myself that somehow like the oil during that famous Maccabee story that there would be enough as I needed. But no, like most religious tales it's clearly an exaggeration.

Like any good 21st century knitter I hit the internet. Now for those of you readers who are not invested in the fiber arts (for example I dream about knitting and more recently spinning) a lot yarn is dyed in batches, or lots. Some yarns look much the same between dye lots, others, not so much. Now the yarn I was using, Misti Alpace Laceweight was a gift from Jennie, who purchased it quite awhile ago. The yarn I was using was dye lot 1. Hm, this could be a problem, although I suspected their dye lots might be consistent but who knew. I looked on Ravelry but no one was selling the right colour and dye lot. So I posted an ISO (in search of) listing asking for an exact match. The ever so lovely moderator, Somebunnyslove, responded by finding several who had the right colour, and one who had the right dye lot as well. I decided to risk it by writing to the person to see if they had any desire to sell it even though it was not listed on their trade/sell page.

My question was quickly answered and she said yes! At the same price she bought it for even ($6.00, and of course shipping costs). It arrived today and I am so happy. I have been stalking others on Rav who are selling more of this stuff because I am really enjoying it. Next time I think I will use it single stranded to see how that feels in the hands.

So I need to head back to work on that project. The sleeve of doom has been finished and the second has been started. The cabled headband is languishing though it could probably be finished in a few hours. I long to cast on at least three other projects but am trying to hold off until the scarf is done since there is a bit of a deadline attached to that one.

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Melissa said...

I am beginning to need a 12 step program for Ravelry, and in particular the de-stash ISO area.
I've been spending a crazy amount of time there, trading, buying, selling.