Saturday, March 01, 2008

Onto happier things

All in favour of distractions, say I!

So knitting it is then. A photo essay of sorts.

I saw this pattern eons ago back when I thought cables where hard. Cables are not hard but this pattern has errors. The yarn is my trusty steed, Cascade 220, colourway 9474. It's the same stuff I made a pair of Fetching out of so it's what's left from that adventure. While I have been loving this yarn and the needles (Inox circular size 6), I am not enamored of how it's turning out so although I am almost done, I think I will frog this one.

Pictures of entrelac have danced in my head for a very long time now, first catching my attention when the knitting blogosphere was all about the Lady Eleanor wrap. I had convinced myself for awhile that I had no interest in anything like that but I lied. When put out a tiny pattern for a head wrap/ear warmer thingy that was nothing more than a test swatch of entrelac I became obsessed. I also used this as an excuse to spend about $12 on some Plymouth Boku which is a cheap alternative to one of the Noro yarns, I forget which one. It does break, or at least this first ball does, more than I like. This project is almost finished and the other ball will be used to make some fingerless gloves or something like that so it's a set. TGF really likes it so it may go to her. I do love how the colours are working out in the pattern.

My consignment project, Fans of Family is done! Done I tell you, I blocked it yesterday and wove in the ends tonight. I love this pattern. So much that I wo
uld consider making it again, which if you notice I hardly make the same thing twice, so this is high praise. The yarn was a delight, Misti Alpaca Laceweight, held doubled throughout. I ran into a snag with this as I seriously underestimated the yardage needed but Ravelry came to my rescue. I love this thing and hope the recipient loves it to. I struggled to find a pattern that seemed like a good match for the goal of something not too warm, but pretty, and would offer me a bit of a challenge. It took some time for the 20 row repeat pattern to develop into a rhythm but after 20 repeats of the pattern, I established a bit of a flow with it. It looks quite lovely to me, but I'm biased.

Yesterday my friend Andi surprised me with a visit and spindle spinning lesson. Jennie gifted w
ith a drop spindle and some GORGEOUS roving before I left the west coast but I really didn't want to start with it because well it deserves more talented hands. Andi brought me some more basic roving in blue and gray to spin. Somewhat foolish perhaps I decided to spin the two colours together, however the result is kind of nice. Like any good teacher Andi noted that my drafting was getting more consistent already. I love a good liar!

More knitting news soon I'm sure.

Notes on stripping wallpaper with ugly picture soon too.

With the luck of the Goddesses without Husbands as Glamour Gal would say, I will have positive job news for me soon!


LittleWit said...

Your work all looks quite lovely! Andi is a great spinning teacher I am sure she isn't lying to you. :) Which reminds me...I need to finish the bag of fiber I started.

Jbeeky said...

I love how those colors go right with the pattern! So beautiful! The blue scarf is exceptional. I love reading posts about your work.

Jennie said...

Wow, that scarf turned out so beautiful! How great that the yarn turned out two terrific things.

And YAY! for finally spinning! Great!

Waiting on tenterhooks for job news...