Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It pays to be (politely) indignant

When I received that email from the temp agency that I mentioned recently, I quickly fired off an email back saying that I was confused as to how they could think I did have the skills required for their listings. It was nicely worded and I pretended that perhaps they simply meant I was not a fit for a particular job I applied for through the website.

I wasn't too surprised when I did not receive any other further correspondence. However yesterday the phone rang and it was someone from the "Workplace Group". Apparently the problem was my "extensive background with non-profits". I'm sorry but I was unaware that answering the phone, filing, data entry and general office tasks were done sooooo differently in the corporate capitalistic world. After a short discussion she set up an interview date with me to go over my background and do assessment testing.

Monday was the interview with the unknown company. It went well, I could do it with my eyes closed and I would be bored stiff within about two weeks. Right now it's part time but they are looking for full-time. Not what I want or need especially since I will be gone in June and August for other work.

Next week I have an interview for a call center job (that requires 6 weeks of training!) and one with the above mentioned temp agency. In the face of a large number of no response from applications and a hefty handful of "no thanks" emails, it's feeling a little better knowing that there is work in the future and some hope of more in other places.

Still, today is my day to face the computer with an unhealthy mix of hope and dread as I search the web for more job possibilities. Wish me strength.


heather said...

that non profit thing is the stupidest thing i've heard in a while. sounds like things are picking up, woo!

goblinbox said...

The rejection part of job searching, not so hawt.

Melissa said...

As someone who works a lot with temp agencies, it seems to pay to get an extra set of ears when something doesn't feel right. There's such a high turnover of personnel, the training can be sketchy.

Hilda said...

This is awesome!