Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another several bite the dust

So last week I received an email from a temp agency that said:

Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you in your job search at this time. Your background does not fall within the required skill set of positions for which we typically recruit. We wish you the best of luck in your job search.

This is so patently ridiculous that I could not help myself from writing Ms. Sarah back and asking how that could possible be true given I have over a decade of experience doing clerical/administration/data entry/etc which is the primary area of their temp jobs. I have heard nothing back.

Also in my email last week was a rejection letter for a job I don't really remember applying to but I applied to so many in the last two or so weeks, it's quite possible this was one of them.

Last week I spent at least 45 minutes doing an online assessments for one job, followed the next day by an hour more of assessment testing at their facility. Again for a fairly basic and well within my competency range mid-level administrative job. Today I heard back that:

we will not be extending you an offer of employment at this time. We will retain your application on file for a period of one year.

Well bully, you know? I spent at least an hour, possibly more, today searching for jobs. Nothing of any real note and it was rather depressing. However it does seem that I have been hired for another job like my DNE gig but this one is in California. So I get to head to the west coast in June for a bit and I am hoping to see some friends in the Bay Area before or after heading south to the camp. Nowhere near as lucrative as DNE but it's still money. It's kind of funny. My second year doing DNE I moved to the west coast and I thought, well at least I'll get to the east coast once a year. If this other gig works out it will be my "at least once a year trip" to the west coast. I would get to still maintain my identity as a bi-coastal girl. Pretty cool, huh?


Jbeeky said...

That is cool! I know you will get a hit on the job soon, I know it!

Kelly said...

Good luck on the job search, Dharma. I once got a form rejection email for a proofreading job addressed to "Dear Job SEAKER". I kid you not. The irony was not lost on me.

Chris said...

I keep meaning to ask you what the "camp" is that I hear you talk about, and now I know - I had no idea you were into this barefooted interpretive dance thing. you're such a hippy. haha! just kidding - I still love you! :)