Monday, October 24, 2005

Starting in the middle

of a rant of sorts because whenever one starts one of these, isn't that usually the case?

I just snapped at my partner, that she shouldn't think that if I do a blog it's gonna keep me quiet.

What was I ranting about?

Again, starting in the midst of life.

My mother recently had a biopsy and has breast cancer so know we are waiting on treatment option. It probably won't be that bad. Did I mention I'm an optimist? Any my father called yesterday, they've been divorced forever (like 30 years) but still talk. I think, wait he just called last week, this can't be good. I joked that maybe he hooked up with Pioneer long distance so is feeling generous (he's a little cheap). Of course the reality is that my mother called and told him the news. So now he wants to talk to me and be nice and all that crap. Great. See if it was truly my universe he wouldn't know yet. I mean, seriously, we know practically nothing but know I have to talk to him about it. Crap and double crap.

It's also a gray (or is it grey - why are there two spellings?) day here.

First blog entry, done!

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