Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sleeping dogs

What do dogs dream about? And why do they whimper in their sleep? My sweetheart usually speaks to Wyatt (the puppy) to try to settle him because she is convinced that he is having bad dreams.

It sounds like a like barking but muffled and more wimpy. He doesn't bark much except when certain noises outside alarm him in some way. Generally Wyatt has got to be the happiest dog around. Really. He smiles all the frigging time! He is certain that every dog at the dog park needs him to say hello. A regular Shiner, as the girlfriend(/partner/whatever the hell) says. Meet and greet, that's him.

Wyatt is eight months old and several times a week I am sure it will be his last day on earth because he has destroyed something. He is a toddler on steriods. The only thing that saves him is that he's so damned cute. Seriously. I'm not biased or anything. He really is exceptionally cute.

Except when he chews: my artisan hand mirror, the digital camera, memory sticks for said camera, yarn (he destroys more yarn that the frigging 5 cats), knives, pens, orchid plants, phone chargers (two down, two left), bras (two down of those, maybe three), fresh made bread. The list is actually rather endless.

Do dogs ever stop being orally fixated? I'm asking seriously. Do they? A life hangs in the balance.

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Anonymous said...

When he's 14, you'll be asking yourself "where did the time go" Enjoy him now. Love him now. Don't be the typical "mom" and wish his babyhood away