Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Feeling like the pot watcher

My mom's second opinion on treatment option is today. It's almost 3:30pm here and I am figuratively tapping my foot when for the damn phone to ring. She is on the east coast so her appointment should long since be over. Right? Well?

I mostly don't want to talk about the subject. My partner about twisted my arm to call my best friend to tell him last week. Yeah, sure I posted it on a list I'm on but they're mostly faceless people who I don't actually talk to or see in real life. And I trust that the ones I do see, will intuitively understand not to bring it up unless I do. That's reasonable, right? Yeah I know it's not, but I have unrealistic expectations as do we all. So most of my long time, in real life friends don't know. I don't feel like there is anything to know yet. K (partner) says we already know that she has cancer, what more do I need.

I guess I feel that my emotions are a bit silly right now, as there is no death sentence impending, just surgery of some type for sure. So what's the point of getting upset. K says that well cancer is a big deal, it is scary, it's a reasonable response. Bah. But upset I am nonetheless.

Regardless that damn phone better ring soon!

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