Monday, October 31, 2005

The Cat that Ate the Universe

Elliott Butler loves people food. I mean it. Comes right over to your plate, doesn't matter what's on it he must check it out and often taste.

He is a carb kitty. Loves my honey cake (made for the new year) - devoured it as a matter of fact. The oatmeal walnut cookies I made for the party tickled his fancy as well. Barbeque chips make him purr. Potato chips, definitely can't eat just one. Hamburger meat - he does cartwells for a taste. I suspect that if offered he would delight over It's All Good Bakery's sweet potato pie gifted to us for the party (it is fabulous!). He has to inspect any plate we carry to the couch. Luckily he doesn't hunt at the dining room table.

Atticus Finch seems to have a thing for Fritos (his other mother's manna from heaven). He madly sniffs my coffee but doesn't taste it, which is good though I suspect the look on his face if he did taste would be priceless. Other than Fritos he doesn't seem to be interested in human food.

1 comment:

Jennie said...

Atticus will never get Fritos from me unless he stops being a madman around my family. There, I've said it.

(I also wanna say: Gracie let me pet her!!)