Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A high grade is not always good

if it's the grade of your tumor.

Stage IIA, high grade. Oh yeah.
If it's a simple Stage IIa, and hasn't spread she has about Five Year Relative Survival Rate of 88%, which is damn good. Of course the grade indicates fast growing which isn't as good.

Second verse same as the first.
Second doc advises same approach.
I will go home for it.

Mumsy asked if I would knit her a breast cozy as the remaining one will be lonely. Love her sense of humor. First though I will knit her the beret I promised years ago. Winter's coming and she hates the cold. Purple of course. Natural fiber obviously. She is going to be an expensive giftee.

I guess now it feels appropriate to be emotional. She sounded angry, which is also appropriate.
Bone scan and CAT scan need to be scheduled, then the surgery which will happen in 2-4 weeks. Won't know if the cancer has spread to her lymph glands until then.

Okay, now the waiting begins in earnest.

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