Friday, October 28, 2005

Evidence that it's not my universe

Well we have a surgery date and it means that I won't be in town when my dear friend Gwendolyn is here. Our coasts will be reversed - it's just silly. She lives in Ithaca NY and is coming to town for a conference right next door in Oakland. I will be going to Croton-on-Hudson NY. It's like being star-crossed lovers or something.

First I need to know what my mother would like in terms of when I show up and how long I stay. It could be at least a week, maybe close to two. Second, Karen and I need to decide if she comes with, or stays home with the babies, and gets to play with Gwendolyn. Fie! If she comes with, did I mention she and my mum have never met? Over the phone they have spoken. That's it. As my friend Michele said, it will certainly make a memorable meeting.

I have left it up to my mother when I should come out, so I could be flying while she is having surgery, or waiting here on the left coast, biting my nails, in between playing computer solitaire furiously to distract myself. I started to say something about this to her but interrupted myself saying "well that's my stuff to sort out. Right now this is all about you." Why oh why did I ever say that! She just loved it way too much. I scolded her later saying that she is going to just milk this no end. Her response: Only on one side. God she cracks me up.

Well now I have a time line for knitting her beret. Have to get busy.

Still no mop or bucket, but thanks to Jennie, I have Murphy's Oil Soap. Watch out floors - Murphy's, towels and me, your dirt is mine!

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