Sunday, October 30, 2005

The party's over

Who sang that? Can't think of it for the life of me.

I did succeed in washing, albeit far from perfectly, most of the floors before the party - sans mop. My office still looks rather abandoned, the bathroom was not painted (though Jennie thought it was and like the color - silly woman!), and still no pictures have been hung (in part due to my pathological fear of later rearranging only to find the art work no longer matches the room).

We had lots of people saying they would come, but wound up no shows. Very sad as we were really looking forward to seeing them. I already have an email from one of them apologizing for not making it. She is pregnant and throughly exhausted from it, perfectly acceptable excuse in my book. As a result we have lots of food, though lots of it is sweet stuff. My rice salad and cranberry relish were huge hits, despite the fact girlfriend seems less than thrilled with them. However she loves the oatmeal cookies, even though they have walnuts in them. Did I mention she is a very picky eater with a rather narrow palate?

On the board for today is trying to do catch up work for school, since the two classes with weekly assignment are 1 and 2 weeks behind respectively. We won't even bother to discuss the others. Being so broke means I havent even bought the books I am supposed to be pontificating on. I suppose it's time to write to the professors and classmates (it's an online program) to tell them that I am behind and some of the reason why. I suspect I will leave out the part about being too broke to buy the books and go for the sympathy angle of "my mother has breast cancer". Way easier to get cut a break that route!

Some laundry also needs to get done. And please no looking at my kitchen right! As Gwendolyn says, Thanks to the goddesses without husbands, I have a dishwasher for the first time ever!!!
Also have a microwave for the first time, but that is only because of the girlfriend. I would give up the 'wave in a heartbeat over the dishwasher. A thought that horrifies her.

Oh yes, and then there's knitting. Karen ("the girlfriend") head band/ear warmer thingy needs to be finished, ideally today. Really have to get cracking on the beret for the momcat, since I will be there in just over a week, give or take. I know I can finishing it there but it would be nice for it to be complete upon arrival.

Okay. I think that's enough rambling. Haven't even finished the first cup of coffee. I suspect the rambling is an effect of that and the fact that I have only eaten candy corn and a small slice of the most luscious sweet potato pie. Sugar and caffiene, two of four food group according to my best friend, Greg.


Jennie said...

You needed to find out how to link for THIS, a reference to how unaware I am? Nice. (chuckle)

Dharma said...

Oh honey, but I think you are fantastic despite your love of a bad bathroom color.

louisiana swamp rat said...

Hey, I was just wondering how you made that link...Jennie, help me out when you have a minute!