Thursday, November 22, 2012

If I had all the time in the world

Things I would knit:

  • a flamingo for Aileen
  • a hippo for Nev
  • a penguin for Timbre and Nomi
  • a mouse for Sunny
  • lots of toys for my nephew, and clothes
  • a llama for Greg
  • gloves for Timbre
  • more socks for Sunny
  • something sweet and perfect for Hannah
  • a great hat for Aileen
  • legwarmers for Nev
  • hiking socks for Greg
  • the hat I've wanted to make for Janet, for YEARS!
  • oh, and some things for me

Things I would cook/bake
  • sweet potato pie
  • gluten free bread
  • lemon curd
  • all the things from Baking with Julia, I did a couple many years ago but never made it very far
  • pesto
  • pad thai
  • artisan breads every week
  • complicated, multi-layered Indian and Thai recipes

Things I would read:
  • this list is so long, seriously there are 489 (and counting) books on my "to read" over on Goodreads, however, in reviewing that list I have found that I have read 4 (Redwall #1, Cunt [which is SO terrible, I haven't been able to make myself finish it!], Stone Butch Blues, and one more that I don't remember now) of them that have been on the list since 2008! Also currently making my way through one that's been on the list for 3 years (Whipping Girl).
  • all the Disc World books
But for now, I will tuck intothe things I can, in the time I have between school, internship, work, volunteer commitments, cooking for sustenance, sleeping, and sometimes being social.

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LittleWit said...

Oy, I've been working on Cunt since 2003 or 4? I would like to get it finished so I can at least get it off my Currently Reading list. :P