Monday, November 05, 2012

Help with being a consumer!

Earlier today I had high hopes of writing an entry that at least set out, even if it failed miserably, to pontificate on a weighty topic. But truly I am too tired and have things to research for school, so the thought of doing additional research which would not advance my degree just does not seem a good use of my time. Maybe later this month, certainly after my presentation is over on Wednesday.

Much to my consternation and a touch of delight, I need a new phone. To me, there doesn't seem to be a good reason to replace my Berry simply because it is it is 3.5 years old.  Over time I have started to long for a bigger screen, for better photo ability, for being able to view google calendars in some way that doesn't make me crazy, perhaps some GPS capacity. Being able to look up quick things on the net on the fly would be delightful. As Albany Free Net can be cranky, having a phone that can hotspot would make my life at my internship SO much easier. But really, I could live without all that. 

However the little roller ball doesn't allow me to scroll down any more, and threatens to stop working in other directions as well. This leaves a good 70% of things on the phone unreachable, and other things a pain in the arse. This leaves me shopping for a 3G phone. That's right I said 3 not 4. Why you might ask. Well in an effort to go through money a tad slower I recently switched from Ver*zon to PagePlus which cuts my monthly bill almost in half. Yes, I said in 1/2! The downside is they don't have great phone selection and they don't play nice with 4G. 

Right now I'm looking at the HTC Incredible. Any thoughts? Warning? Please don't tell me I have to go back to the Ver*zon Empire. Basically I don't want to spend more the my imaginary $250 (less would be better), it needs to be reasonably easy to use, decent screen size and clarity, and a place I can access mail and my calendars. Please help a sista out!

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