Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cranky, crabby, and anxious

That sums up my day. On edge, not fun to be around, and raging anxiety. I have been a joy to be around today for BC I'm sure.

Reading the evaluations from DNE has not helped my mood. I realize there were a large number of extenuating circumstances this year which meant that I did not put my best foot forward but it still stings. I also know that scoring "registration" also involves the new PayP*l structure which means fees, and the database interface for online registration which is still a work in progress. Unfortunately I am also a work in progress and I did not performance to the best of my ability, let alone my standard. I am trying to not let it bother me as much as that one year which had a comment that I was "an arrogant bitch". Okay maybe the person didn't use the word "bitch" but trust me it was strongly implied. Greg of course tried to cheer me by saying it was clearly from someone who didn't like me keeping boundaries. Might be time for some Rescue Remedy.

In other news The Kid took Reserve Grand Champion in her horse show this afternoon. Very proud.


Anonymous said...

WHAT???? ANyone who says you didn't do a good job has obviously never been the registrar and should develop a little more flexibility. What ever happened to walking a mile? I am sure you did great, even though I wasn't there. Don't take those comments too seriously. Everyone's a critic. Zevey

Anonymous said...

I just read the job description:no where does it say:"is not an arrogant bitch" nor does it say'meets everyone's needs and pleases all"
Sure, maybe there are some people who don't like you. They are probably the same people who want a full scholarship just because they exist. Review the evaluations, take out the personal comments and ask your self "what is really true here about the job that I did, not about people's emotionl reactions, which have a lot more to do with them than with me? Did I do the best job that I could do under the circumstances? What do I think I need to work on?" Then have a glass of wine, or a mug of hot chocolate, go to sleep, wake up tomorrow and carry on with life.