Monday, November 23, 2009


Shadow, often used as a pet name, how unimaginative. A thing hard to explain to children sometimes, especially as it disappears and "magically" reappears on the next block, in the house, on the car. More often of late it seems to be used to describe and explain one's darker desires, the less obviously positive aspects of our nature.

Years ago I used the seven deadly sins as the "tickets" I handed out as people passed through registration with me. The reaction I received was amazing and to date the one best remembered. During that camp I started thinking about creating "shadow cards", looking at how we could acknowledge those things we think have nothing positive to offer, which of course is not true because if it is a piece of us is useful to us. But that would make me one of those snake oil new age people and that simply won't do.

However the idea that our stormy contradictions add flavor, a richness to the person we present to the world still makes sense to me. Honoring those inclinations, discovering how we can use them in the most beneficial way appeals to me as part of the balance I am in search of for my inner and outer worlds. It is easy to see how most of the "sins" can be upended and turned into powerful tools but it might take a deeper reach to uncover how our specific negative messages and tendencies can be twisted in useful ammunition to better ourselves. But imagine if we did the work to examine those traits and figure out how they do or could with some adjustments be something for our own good? It would make shadows powerful and lovely in a whole new way.

*Today's topic was inspired by trolling

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