Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let's do the numbers

This is my 555th posting.

Last month marked my 4th year of this blog
Sunny's breast cancer diagnosis
both are surviving just fine. (2005)

Friday will be 8 months since I left Dayton.
Seems surreal sometimes.

Tomorrow I will walk again
which will put me over 10 miles for the week.

35 years ago this month my siblings were born.
Yes, twins.

If I counted correctly I have had 24 addresses, some of them twice.

This summer was my 10th summer as the registrar for Dance New England.

I am participating in my 4th NaBloPoMo.
The first three years I made it through successfully.

(Which of my lovely nerdy friends know where the title of the post is from?)

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goblinbox said...

You have nerdy friends?