Sunday, November 29, 2009

Drilling the Internet sometimes gets you oil!

Someone asked about finding books on reincarnation for children so I put on my Google Queen {tm} hat (perhaps I should make it a crown) and went to work. Initially I came up dry, a crushing blow to my title, but as I kept at it I found it! Samsara Dog, written by a Buddhist and published originally in Australia.

Even after I sent off the email with my discovery, I kept digging around for fun. And fun was had! Even more appropos given The Kid being in my sphere, I found a delightful database. Database of Award Winning Children's Literature, which is searchable by a number of criteria which makes it even more fun than just randomly cruising about, which I will probably do as well. This is the sort of find that will make me happy for days. Days! I tell you. I have already discovered that I want to check out the Judy Moody books.

Ah, the joy of books. The glee of having more of an excuse to borrow children's books from the library. The magic of having a child to share these literary finds with.


dykewife said...

though not buddhist per se, dan milman has written a couple of books for children that are quite good. i can't remember the names off hand (they're at home and i'm at work) we got them for boy when he was younger. i'll try and remember to get the titles when i get home.

Jennie said...

Judy Moody books are good stuff. There is also a series based on her younger brother, Stink, but they are not as good.