Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Climbing little hills

The financial woes continue here at Casa de Cedar but there are some positives. Stars 'r Us called me in for extra hours on Friday which was a nice surprise. The work is boring as all get out. Seriously boring and on Friday I was at a computer with no speaker so no Pandora {pout}. Still need to determine if I can listen Brenda's Cast-on and focus on my work.

Over the weekend I heard from my February client who was looking for postpartum help while her partner was out of town. While I was a bit daunted by prospect of working doing data entry all day then dashing over to Montclair Village for a few hours but damn if the money wasn't motivating.

On Sunday I finally got to hang out with my dear friend Jennie. We compared ideas for knitting projects, showed off our UFOs and just talk endlessly for the first time in forever.

Also during the weekend TGF heard from the guy who sent her the best, most positive rejection letter just two weeks ago. He wrote about two part time tech jobs! Cautiously optimistic is the watch word around here on the job front around here.

For the first time since Piccolo came to stay while her human, our friend Ruth, was on vacation I was grateful for her early morning barking since I had forgotten to set the alarm. Since we have both been stressed, and frankly my depression (and hence terrible mood swings) has been really bad for several months we haven't always been getting along and this weekend was not good. Hence sleeping and emotional exhaustion have been fighting each other. So, thank you Piccolo. In a manner most uncharacteristic for me I just could not clear the brain fog and was grateful for the free coffee at work. While still in the fog my cell phone rang with my client at the other end, canceling the hours we had set up. On one hand I was glad to have the evening to spend with TGF, hopefully in a relaxed state, but damn the money would have sure come in handy.

So to help with the utter boredom of my work I decided to jot down some of the more, um, interesting names. I have a favorite humour site, Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing that can always make me laugh and groan. So in homage to the original I give you some of the best from today's work:
Heaven Leigh - like the first name on it's own isn't a lot to live up to
Tijhan - there are a lot of ways this could be pronounced...
Chynna and her sister Queen-India - seriously
Roxxanne - I love this name, have a dear, dear friend with the name and I realize one "x" is worth 8 points in Scrabble, but you can't use proper names people
Jennica - the tabloids coming up with these name combos is bad enough but to be burdened with it as your actual name?
Unique - really, that is the kid's name. Don't just encourage your kid to be their own person but let the world know that are different because you told them so
Latonjinea - huh?
Dillion - is the second "i" silent? Is it supposed to rhyme with million?
Maczine - is there a syllable missing here?

T'Mane's top has been driving me crazy. I got about a good 3-4 inches knit up when I realized it the gauge was waaaaay off. As in the circumference should be about 48 inches and I had about 60 inches. Frogging ensued. Then I cast on from scratch and twisted the damn thing when I joined it. Riiip. I think it's finally ready to go. Again.

Today I got home and had a call from an agency I sent an application to about 10 days ago and had written off. Jimbo and I played phone tag until about 8:30 tonight. It was so worth the frustration, he was too much fun. The actual job I had applied for has been filled but he wanted to see if there was a way to work with me. Wow. How often does that sort of thing happen? Like never. Jimbo is passing my information onto another supervisor for a 20 hours/wk position that would pay (nothing great but a higher hourly rate than Stars 'r Us), give me BBS hours, and even some benefits. Hello? Benefits? What the hell are those, you know what I'm saying? Downsides are my gig in August could put a damper on this option and the job is in Marin County, not exactly close by and means a toll bridge. But this Jimbo character, he's awesome. He said, "If you don't hear from Louisana in three business days, call me. I'm your point person through this." Again, wow! Cautious optimism. Which reminds me, I need to look at craiglist again because hey nothing is written in stone.

I'd rather knit. It's a toss up which activity will happen after I click "publish".


heather said...

i vote knitting.
so, you gotta fess up - which was it? knitting or job hunting?

Wyatt's Mom said...

craigslist and now she's doing zuma. Brain fried I say.

Yes this weekend was horrible and the money isn't any better. I dream for the day that money isn't that much of a worry. I can't believe how long we've both stressed about this. I really hate being in this space.

wen said...

alas, at work i'm known for 'the board'--in my office there's a board with all the amusing names we come across. we have things like:

The Bitter Family Living Trust (ahem)
Flake Investments (yea, I want to give them MY money to look after!)
Odd-Even Bustness (I am so not kidding.)
Alan A$$man (again, not kidding)

Sometimes we group them together like:
Cyndi Pigg
James Hogg
Jared Momburger

Good for you with the job leads!!

Jbeeky said...

There are two kids in my youth council. Real Names.

Demi Climax

Genious Bryant

Like being a kid is not hard enough. I hope things get up soon!

louisiana swamp rat said...

Sounds like your world and mine have much in common these days - stress to the max and mood swings from hell. Sometimes I hate being an adult, don't you?

Anyway, I sincerely hope things get better soon on your end of the world (for both you and TGF).

Jennie said...

It was so good to see you Sunday. I do hope to see TGF some day soon, too...