Thursday, May 10, 2007

Try, try, try again

Here is what T'Mane's swing top looked like about two weeks ago when I cast on.

It looks about the same but not because I haven't been working on it. At first my swatch indicated that my gauge was about 20% less than it should be so I did all sorts of complicated math to make adjustment since based on my arguably brilliant calculations even the largest size on the pattern wouldn't give me the size I needed for my beloved niece.

So I cast on about 300 stitches and proceeded to knit for quite some time - the garter border, some stockinette, and even did two of the decrease rows. It was looking magnificent but I worried about the sizing. Finally after I did 3-4 inches of knitting I decided to measure things because it really looked huge. The circumference at the bottom is supposed to be about 48" but mine was 60"! So frogging ensued, that ball winder is a godsend.

Once again I started by casting on 272 stitches for the largest size (6 years) thinking it would be good for the 2 year old size. I proceeded happily along for about 1.5 inches of things until I realized I had twisted it when I joined the piece (it's on circular needles). Riiip. Try again but again based on measurements decided that I could do the 4 year old size and cast on 256 stitches. This time I only knit about 8 or 9 rows before I realized I twisted it again. Before I ripped again, I measured. I had swatched on a pair of straight needles, clearly a mistake. So tonight after ripped I cast on 240 stitches, knit one row without joining in order to try to avoid twisting. I think I finally succeeded. I cannot believe how much work this is taking. This project should have been almost done by now. If it had failed again I would have put it down for a bit and started something else.

Yes, yes I know I need to finish the secret project. I have done about 400 yards and need to do about 200 more, then blocking will follow. But I really want to knock this out as well. Plus I am dreaming of all sorts of other project. Part of the dreaming involves actually making something for me. I have promised a few folks that I would work on my inability to knit something for me.

Knitting things for others gives me a way to be nice to them, I consider it a loving act, the ability to do something that makes them happy (at least I hope so). This explanation of why I knit was the one I had with TGF recently which was sparked by a thread on my knitting list about why we knit. It also is a way to make something unique and personalized, that isn't about buying the latest and greatest or from a conglomerate. Of course when I got to the part about it being a loving act I realized what I was saying and changed the topic, mumbling something about how I suppose I should work on that one day.

While at Jennie's the other day she told me the socks she has been working on forever don't fit her and she offered to pass them to me when finished. I was floored and stumped. They are beautiful, not colours I would have picked but really gorgeous. I was hard pressed to know how to answer. Not because they aren't lovely but because I couldn't imagine being gifted with something that someone had spent so much time and effort on. Problems with feeling worthy? Moi? Whatever do you mean? Yeah, I have some work to do.


Wyatt's Mom said...

Just keep saying to yourself, "I am worthy, I am worthy". And then click your red slippers together three times and it will all fall into place.

Jennie said...

Ooh! Red Slippers!

Well, there I am, distracted by a Shiny Thing yet again.

Yes yes yes! Knitting for yourself! I'll get some pompoms, you'll cast on, we'll have wine... it's all good.

Jbeeky said...

You know, I always feel that way at a thrift store or yard sale when I see a hand embroidered or knitted article. So much time and effort and it ends up with a two dollar price tag. I hear ya sister.