Friday, May 04, 2007

Fit to be, well fitted

On Tuesday I had a quick gig, a one time only kind of deal-io. A short stint trying on about 8 bras yielded $75, a new recommended bra size, and a validation of my love of Felina intimate wear.

It was really fun and I am acquainted with this company, Zafu because I've used them to dream about which jeans might actually fit me. I wear jeans infrequently for a number of reasons but key among that list is that I am very hard to fit. Short, small waist, a bubble butt is like one thinks of the bubble as being the size of a hot air balloon, thick thighs. Yeah, this is not my garment of choice. But their questions give me hope that I could find something that would be passable.

Turns out they are getting ready to launch a bra recommendation thingy. I filled out an online questionnaire that was very thorough, looking at a myriad of details that go far beyond what a tape measure can tell you. Definitely makes me wa
nt to give some of the jeans recommendations a try when I have some cash. Then I spent close to an hour and a half trying on eight bras and rating them a ga-zillion ways. Apparently I need to go down in band size and up in cup. Wow. I also learned why molded bra cups, which are all the rage, do not work for me and how the depth of the cup is very important for fitting my breasts to their best advantage.

The winning bra, as predicted by Lori - my fitter that day, was the Felina model. I tossed away the Wacoal, a few by Victoria, and maybe someone else. The runner up (bra number 8, although I think I was only supposed to try on 7 but Lori was being quite generous) was a bra by Jockey. The fit was not as good but as we both noted a much more economical choice than F

The Felina was also the sexiest bra, by far, that I tried on that day - it was a lot like the hand me down one I have at home. (When I got home and checked my Felina, sure enough it is the size Lori recommends. Go figure!) So now I love their bras and their underwear. Great. I need a job just to fund my lust for high-end intimate wear. (This model is the Harlow Demi, which I think is what I tried on and similar to the one I already own thanks to a dear friend. However all the model I had in common is dark brown hair, so dream away but I so don't look like that in my Felina. Truth in advertising and all that.)


heather said...


how much will their bras cost? i hate the ones i have now, i might be willing to shell out for something customized.

heather said...

nevermind, i just figured out zafu is just a broker. if they tell you when the bra thing launches, give a holler!

Ancrene Wiseass said...

Cool! I'm definitely going to hang out a bit at that site.

Your body type and mine are very similar. Trying to find a pair of jeans usually is an exercise in despair and self-loathing, so anything I can do to avoid some of that is very welcome.

Jennie said...

I am also with you on the jeans thing. Massively annoying to get a pair that finally fits my butt and thighs, only to have that gaping waistband.

congrats on the bra fitting! I wonder if you can find those on eBay...

Jbeeky said...

I am desperate for new bras. I agree about the molding. I end up having an air patch where I am supposed to "mold". Yipes.