Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just horrifying!

I am being a totally irresponsible blogger by not researching more but I trust my source here, Juno, to do the research and not do as I do.

There is a move to allow manufacturers of chocolate to not use cocoa butter in the making of chocolate and to substitute vegetable oil. This is horrible, even more it is heresy with a capital H! Check her post here, where she agrees this is just terrible news.

This is just so ridiculous I mean isn't one of the quintessential ingredient of chocolate - cocoa butter?

Excuse me but I must take leave now, as I cannot speak of this any further.


heather said...

this is utterly disgusting. as someone who consumed too much REAL chocolate tonight, i take umbrage at the idea of someone mucking with my drugs.

Jennie said...

Yup, already commented. As another blogger wrote, They've done enough taking the food out of food.