Friday, June 30, 2006

More Albany Bulb Photos

This is long overdue, as these photos are about 2 weeks old but life has been well, y'all read the poop post right? Albany bulb is an amazing place with little hidden spots of art. Unfortunately the battery was running low the day I shot these so I only have a few glimpses of the gems seen that day.

Cat on a Rock.

Man Riding Sea Beast. I wish there was something to indicate sca
le. In fact I didn't even get the end of the beast's tail in this photo - it keeps going. It's waaaay longer than a h*mmer3. How's that for some perspective.

One of the many panels of art. Unfortunately on each visit another one of these amazing paintings have been tagged by thoughtless individuals.

Old Man by the Sea. He is quite tall in reality. Hm, maybe about 8 feet*?

She Brings Offerings

I could take a thous
and photos of her and still find something new to highlight. I would estimate her about about 10 feet total height*.

When you com
e down one path she greets you just like this, it's an amazing sight after the relative wilderness one traipses through to have this directly in your path at the bottom.

*I suck at estimating scale, but these are really big, way beyond life size


Breena Ronan said...

Those are great photos! I love that kind of art.

Andrea said...

yeah, but why's it called the BULB???