Thursday, June 01, 2006

Update featuring yarn

It's been a time of successes and battles. As previously posted Melissa's square was an uphill battle. I did finally finish Secret Project #2! It was scarf made from 1 ball of Trendsetter Yarns "Muse" in colourway 1477. I originally found this yarn while at the fire sale of Goldman's Yarn in NY, unfortunately there was only the one ball so the scarf is not very longer. However I knew I had to have it because it was perfect for Jennie, the giftee! This yarn is 65% kid mohair, and 35% acrylic.

All in all it was quite fine to work with, though the project took infinitely longer than it should have. I first tried this Feather Lace Scarf pattern that I found on the web. The pattern didn't feel like it had a rhythm and after 2-3 pattern repeats, well I wasn't seeing the pattern! So frogging occurred.

Then I found Rabbit Tracks, and it was a breeze to memorize, and looked really pretty. In trying to find the pattern I found someone else who just finished this pattern as well! Beautiful colour. The pattern called for size 11 needles but I used, um, 8s I think. I mistakenly worried that it wouldn't be wide enough so I increased the number of stitches to be cast on. Foolish. Naive. Anyway I proceeded, fearing more and more that I should have stuck with the pattern, then I discovered a dropped stitch. Oy! Still I didn't frogged. I still can't remember what made me frog but I did. Essentially I knit the scarf at least 1.5 times! This yarn turns out to be fairly sturdy given all the frogging I did so I am doubly pleased with it.

The other thing that made me happy is while the colour looked lovely in a ball it truly comes into it's full beauty when knit up. I will show you.

The last thing I had to do was block which I did, very last minute on Tuesday morning knowing that I would see Jennie that
night. Luckily it dries quickly.

I am quite pleased with it overall, though I wish I had two balls so it could have been longer.

I want to thank The Girl Friend for helping with the photos. Those are her hands one can catch glimpses of in these photos.

Once I finished this scarf, except for blocking I cast on for T'Mane's next outfit. Very exciting! So far it's going very well and rather quickly. I have more than half the back done and I just cast on last Wednesday. The yarn is Sirdar Snuggle DK and is a dream to work with so fair. Soft, good stitch definition.

I am debating finding a way to do two sleeves at once but I don't know if I have 14-inch size 6 needles. Of course circulars would be a better option in terms of navigating with space and all that. I wish I could so something like that with the two fronts also, maybe I can work it out. I hope to have it finished in something like a reasonable time frame.

Well that's about it for now.. Greg, please wake up now.

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Jennie said...

It is so beautiful. I love that it has so many shades of purple in it, all of which I adore. You are so sweet! When do you knit for YOU?