Monday, June 12, 2006

The Albany Bulb

Saturday we went to the Albany Bulb for the second time. Last week we went with Wyatt and Piccolo but without Ruth, Pic's, because we were doing a dogsitting exchange. Ruth was lovely enough to take Wyatt on an overnight last Saturday and we were able to hang with Sue & Sarah without worrying about what the boy might get into while alone. So we took them to the park on Sunday.

We had heard various stories about the Bulb from Jill the photographer/activist and JJ, the dog walker. But nothing can quite prepare you for what is there. It is an amazing bit of industrial wilderness, at least that's one of the ways I described it during our visit last week. TGF said it brought to mind Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Now I really want to see Jill's photos from that area.

Last week upon arrival there was a gathering that could be best described as some offshoot of Rainbow or some other pagan "let's brunch at the funky beach just off the freeway" grouping. (And yes, being true to my name, I have attended a gathering, in fact I hitchhiked my way in to the site.) TGF hoo'ed and ptoo'ed them but that's okay. The kids (Wyatt and Piccolo) played in the surf - we both wished I had the camera for this. Here's a shot from this week's adventure there.

People have done a lot of work, from placing hunks of concrete along the waters edge to create a path, to art on large slabs of concrete, to placing little decals of paint or metal tiles. There is even a "shoe tree". Sorry I didn't take a picture of that one.

We took a totally different path with Ruth from
the stepping stone water front. This week we found a decorated bunker that I am sure has served as a home to many folks, when homeless people were in residence here. We looked around inside and climbed up the stairs and stood on the roof of it - wonderful views from there. There are many ways to transverse this place and each one seems to lead to interesting artwork that has been created here. I really want to take Greg & Janet here when next they visit.

It really is a wondrous place, the art making it feel magical in a very odd, rather incongruous way but beautiful. Here a few more photos to give you an idea of what you might find while hiking here.

Bicycle wheels still catching a spin in the bay breezes

Mirrored rock amid blooms

Our pups at play.

It was a lovely afternoon.

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Gandksmom said...

I love the pic of the 2 dogs playing in the water together!